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You will find in this section the travelers’ daily life. Obstacles, joys, frustrations, fascinations and anguishes shape their story and give you the taste of adventure.   
From Benin to Egypt, the conclusion, June 9th 2007

For some weeks now, the temperature is around 47°C. The unbearable heat and the lack of food made us lose 18 pounds each. We finally reach the Pendjari Park.

Burkina Faso: a country to build, May 15th, 2007

During the last five weeks, we’ve worked as volunteers in the village of Bérégadougou, in the western part of Burkina-Faso. we did feel powerless when faced with the various essential needs still to be filled

Morocco: from encounter to encounter, March 29th, 2007

Gradually, our priorities during this trip evolve. we now give a lot more importance to the acquaintances. These precious and passing moments with our host family let us rest and recharge our batteries. They are becoming more and more essential to make this trip a success.

Deux Québécois Autour du Monde - Carnet de route - Mexique
Africa's door
Feb. 26th, 200
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  First aid attendant British Columbia
Sept. 30th, 2006
Oil Quest
Western Canada
June 23rd, 2006
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Meeting the family a year later
April 5th, 2006
  60 days in the jungle Costa Rica
January 15th 2006 >>
From Guatemala
to Costa Rica
December 14th 2005 >>
  45 youngsters adopted for eternety
Sumpango, Guatemala
Nov. 14th 2005 >>
Hurricane Stan
Antigua, Guatemala
October 13th 2005 >>
  ¡Viva Mexico!
Sept. 15th 2005 >>
A hard job!
British Columbia
July 31st 2005 >>
  From Miami to
British Columbi
April 30th 2005 >>
It's the departure! Quebec
March 3rd 2005 >>
  The preparations
December 21st 2004 >>
The project
March 2nd 2005
The reason why
November 2nd 2004 >>