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To do when travelling
  • Before leaving, inform yourself on the destination (history, culture, economy, political climate, etc.)
  • Try as much as possible to communicate using the country’s main language.
  • Multiply the occasions to exchange with the people to know more about the culture.
  • Be open-minded to the differences of the culture.
  • Try local products and services (local crafts, transport, restaurants and leisure activities).
  • Buy at a fair price.
  • Encourage hotels owned by local people, community tourist initiatives.
  • Take pictures with proper judgment and ask permission if needed.
  • Respect the environment by minimizing the impacts on the fauna and flora.

Not to do when travelling…

  • Do not encourage package tour hotels and cruises that harm the environment and that have less economic repercussions locally.
  • Do not be arrogant, impatient, moaner and do not compare constantly the country you’re visiting and yours.
  • Do not always search and require products that have occident standards.
  • Don’t spread your richness and live as a ostentatious way.
  • Do not alter the cultural heritage and the environment (coral, archaeological sites, ivory, rare plants, etc.)
  • Do not encourage tourism initiatives that are harmful to the fauna and flora (safari, feed the animals, off-piste excursions, seadoo, etc.)
  • Do not give a stereotyped and miserable image to the country you visited when relating your trip.



Fair tourisme by Nagua Plan
The fair tourism is a form of durable tourism that prioritizes the environmental, social and cultural dimensions and where the involved communities take charge of the management and receive the benefits of the activity which are reinvested in the communities and distributes fairly among the members.

The principles of fair tourism

  • Target a local and durable action
  • Target the improvement of the life conditions of the nation
  • Adopt a fair distribution of the benefits
  • Allow self-sufficiency through the redistribution of the revenues from tourism back into the community
  • Respect the social organization, taking charge by community groups and democratic tourism projects
  • Develop environmental and cultural initiatives
  • Recognize the right of the community to say no to tourism.
  • Apply the Universal Declaration of human rights
  • Apply the worldwide code of the tourism ethics
  • Make travellers more responsible.

Spread the information, talk to your parents, friends and colleagues

Source: Nagua Plan

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