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Regularly receive messages from Caroline and Patrick.

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It’s incredible how time passes by! For more than a year now, we’ve been preparing little by little for this great adventure. Patrick finished his work contract at the beginning of the month and Caroline just finished her degree. We are now working full time on the preparations: finding financial partners and collaborators, meeting the media, choosing and buying the material, learning about countries, finding a job on a cruise ship, planning our financial resources and selling our material belongings. Our approach is doing well; we obtained a lot of positive responses.

People believe in our project, and that is very touching to us. We are so eager to leave for this adventure, but then we realize that we have to leave behind people we love so much and several nights will pass by before seeing them. Our meeting again will only be better. Meanwhile, we are preparing to celebrate Christmas with our families and friends.

We want to complete our tour in several loops which will start and end in Quebec. Since we wish to begin our journey in Latin America, we made the necessary procedures to get a job on cruise ships in the Caribbean Sea. We should obtain a response by mid-January. We are confident and remain curious to see what our first job will be. 

A big THANKS for all your “before leaving” messages of encouragement, we received more than 300! They are to us an incredible source of energy. Please continue to write, we really appreciate all your comments and be assured that we read all of them.

Make the most of life and make your dreams become a reality… it’s never too late!

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