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Let us present ourselves...
We are Patrick Nadeau, 26 years old, and Caroline Hamel, 24 years old, both from Thetford Mines. We’ve been together for seven years now and we aren’t at our first travel. Until today, we have been in Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. This idea of discovering the world began more than a year ago.

As a biology graduate from the University of Sherbrooke, Caroline did her internship for the Research Center at Laval University’s Hospital Center. Patrick, for his part, formerly was the coordinator of the Quebec Games 2003, and completed a contract as coordinator of marketing and communications for the Mineralogical and Mining Museum of Thetford Mines. He holds a college diploma in ecotourism and adventure from Merici College.

For us, going around the world is a life time dream. We accord great importance to the realisation of our goals and believe that every human being is able to realize great things.

What is your itinerary and for how much time are you leaving?
A lot of readers have previously asked these questions. We do have an itinerary, but it’s quite brief. It can be summarized this way: working on cruising ships in the Caribbean’s, and then discovering South and Central America. Afterwards, will it be Africa, Asia or Oceania? We don’t know yet. The reason why we didn’t fix ourselves a tight itinerary is quite simple: we are leaving for an undetermined period and we want to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves. With experience, we are aware that planning a route, in this kind of trip, rarely holds long. The people we’ll meet combined to our numerous readers will multiply occasions of discovering different places. Some of you have already offered lodging in Africa and in Europe. Will we leave our country one year, 2 years, or more? We can’t tell; the story is to be written.

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