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It is 10 o’clock p.m. and suddenly, we feel like writing a couple of lines, inspired by our readings of the travel guide Globe-trotter written by Pierre Antoine Muraccioli, a solitary navigator who passed an important part of his life travelling from one ocean to an other. We are at a few weeks from our departure and we still don’t realize what’s coming up.

What can possibly push two individuals to leave everything behind: material goods, work, family, and friends? What are we looking for? With these few words written, a long reflection is already taking place in our minds. Here’s the answer! We are looking for time: time to think, time to observe, and time to fully live our lives. And how much time do we have in front of us until this adventure ends? Who knows! A year, two years, maybe 5! Nothing is traced in front of us, not even our itinerary. Of course, we planned our first months, but it’s still pretty vague.

Now you must wonder the reason of this imprecision? The reason why we didn’t fix ourselves rules that are normally essential to orient ones’ life? To this question, we answer by another question: why wanting to control everything? We merely have faith in life. We believe that it brings us all the best depending on our decisions. It’s obvious that we have no control on arising events, nonetheless we can chose the perception we have of these events and the way we want to react to them.

This trip will make us live plenty of different situations that we are entirely prepared to live. Intense moments of astonishment, of joy, but also of solitude, of anger, of incomprehension, and of concern will characterize our adventure. Of course, these emotions come and go faster abroad than in the comfort of our homes, intensifying every moment. This obliges us to fortify our character and become more humble.

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