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  The big trip begins!
While waiting for our departure, we feel both impatience and anxiousness, but most of all, we’re convinced that something great is waiting for us. Everything is so unpredictable with this kind of adventure, and that’s what makes the beauty of it. The only thing that was still keeping us here was the obtaining of a work contract on a cruise ship in the Caribbean’s. Though we multiplied our efforts to get a job of that kind, we unfortunately didn’t receive conclusive news.

Passing to plan B
We will directly go to Miami, Florida, and go knocking on every big cruise line’s door. We think that presenting ourselves in person will increase our chances of being recruited. What complicates our situation is the fact that we are 2; it’s easier hiring one person at a time. We want to demonstrate our determination to companies by going directly to them. After all, Miami is one of the busiest harbours in the world. 

The project... What is it?
We chose to share our experience to demonstrate that anyone who has the firm intention to succeed is capable of realizing their dreams. Also, we believe in the power of networking because more an idea is known, more chances it has to create a reaction. So it’s by the means of the Internet, the radio, newspapers, television, and by the writing of books that we transmit our passion of travelling during our adventure. At our return, we will present conferences in schools, in businesses and to the general public. This way, people of all ages will have the opportunity to see and understand the different aspects of a trip around the world.

Throughout our tour, we will bring our help to different communities. For instance, at our passage in Costa Rica, we will stay several months in a small community who wishes to develop its ecotourism potential. This development should improve the villagers’ life quality while respecting their environment.   

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