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¡Adios amigos!
Heavy hearted, we left the endearing kids from the reception center Hogar Shalom, Guatemala. It was a difficult moment, however attenuated by the unveiling of the mural and of the website. We invite you to navigate on their website to meet these kids, the collaborators and the place.


Jeune de l'orphelinat au Guatemala

La cité de tickal au Guatemala
Baignade dans la rivière de Semuc Champey au Guatemala

Here we are, on the move again! Before heading towards Costa Rica, there are two places we absolutely must visit. So we will stay a week in Semuc Champey and in Tikal. The temples of mayan city are of impressive height, and therefore inspire respect. The lake basins of turquoise water and the caves of Semuc Champey make this place majestic. We explore the caves during two hours with the glow of candles, sometimes walking other times swimming. Bats accompany us all along this maze.

buses again
It’s now time to leave, which rimes with bus. We traveled through five countries in 24 hours: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Ouf! That makes a lot of stamps in a passport for such a short period. Fortunately, crossing each border went well.

L'autobus entre Puerto Jiminez et Corcovado au Costa Rica


Here we are, in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. The Ticos’ (Costa Ricans) living standards are the highest in Central America; we can easily tell. On November 26, we greeted a very special visitor: our friend Daniel. He exchanged going in a five star hotel to come live 2 weeks in nature with us instead. Even if he was grossed out of eating «gallo pinto» (rice with black beans), and of the slowness of local buses (ten hours and a half for 360 km), he loved his escapade.

We are walking in search of exotic birds and monkeys. When the sun sets, we have an unrestricted view on the volcano Arenal, from which we can admire explosions and streams of red lava; really breathtaking. The day ends with a swim in the hot springs of Baldi Thermae, with the company of  two other Quebeckers. The next morning, we played Tarzan by throwing ourselves from a rope into the water.

Afterwards, we headed to Puerto Jimenez where we appreciated the beach and paddling in the mangroves. We also went for a 2 days walk in the tropical forest encircling the region of Carate. We thought of going for an excursion in Corcovado’s National Park, but the site was closed. Scientists from the United States are doing research because they found a dead monkey and are worried for the other animal’s lives.

Jouer à Tarzan
Randonnée sur la plage du Parc national de Corcovado au Costa Rica
Kayak de mer à Puerto Jiminez au Costa Rica

Projet Zamia au Costa Rica Photo credit: proyecto-zamia.com

We’ve now reached Playa Cacao, in the Southern part of the country, on the Pacific side. We will live here for the next 3 months to work with the community in the elaboration of a strategy for the development of ecotourism.  For the villagers, it could represent an important income. 

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