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Planteur d'arbre
Credit:Benoît Blanchard

A hard job
The last 3 months have been exhausting. From May to August, we worked extremely hard. With our hands swollen from hitting repeatedly on the ground with a shovel, our hundreds of mosquito bits, our numb feet from walking excessively, our legs filled with bruises and scratches, we most certainly won’t regret the end of our tree planting contract. But note that upon all these disadvantages, we pushed our own limits higher. Caroline now has biceps and we have a banking account that will allow us to hold at least seven months of adventure without working.
Omnipresence of bears
The omnipresence of bears made us a bit scared. Sometimes, we saw black bears where we were planting. One day, a black bear even came to visit the prospector tent were all the planter’s food was. After that, we had to pay careful attention to avoid other visits. For instance, we had to put the food in well closed containers to minimize odors. On the working site, some people were responsible for carrying Bear Spray. Fortunately, we didn’t have to use them.
ours noir
Credit Benoît Blanchard
Mosquito bites
We planted more than 100 000 trees and slept 90 days in a tent. The months of June and July were so rainy that our outdoor clothing was affected by moisture. Some days, mosquitoes took assault of us. So much that for a couple of days, Caroline’s face was so swollen; she could have auditioned for the movie the Mask! Ok, we may be exaggerating, but there was enough to become crazy. One planter even found himself the arm covered with blood.
Hélicoptère transportant des arbres
Credit Benoît Blanchard
A helicopter ride
At one moment, since the road was accessible only by foot, we needed the help of a helicopter to bring us the trees that had to be planted. It was quite impressive to see that engine fly over us all day long while we were planting. What was annoying is the fact that the road represented a 45 to 60 minutes walk each morning, before we had even started to plant one tree.
A profitable recycling
Alcohol… hum… If certain people make a lot of money with tree planting, others spend a fortune on drinking. For us, drinking all our profits was out of the question. However we did authorize ourselves a few drinks as a reward once in a while. After three weeks of work, we were able to pick up for 130$ of empty bottles, representing a truck load.
Here’s a funny story about abusive drinking. During a party, our quality inspector and a tree planter had an abnormally high level of testosterone due to too much alcohol. As a result, this rise of hormones brought them to hit one another in the stomach. Our inspector, being 240 pounds and possessing arms as big as our legs, may have hit our colleague a bit too hard. The next morning, he realized he had accidentally defecated in his pants caused by the strength of the impact. To crown it all, not only did he wake up with a stinking smell in his pants, he also had haemorrhoids. His case became so important he had to go to the hospital. He came back to work a few weeks later.
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