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10 000km of bus
After a total of 154 hours of busing in 50 days, we felt tired, exhausted and impatient. It was impossible to sleep more than 2 hours in the bus, and the place was too restricted to let us sleep horizontally. The bus company with who we were traveling even lost some of our luggages, which we finally got back 2 days later. Apparently, it took a trip in California without us!

Carte itinéraire de l'Amérique du Nord

 Patrick au terminus d'autobus

Springs Break in Miami 
«Ouf… Wow! » are exclamations that came out of Patrick’s mouth several times! Thousands of students were enjoying their holidays on the beaches of Miami. But for us, it was finding a job that rather occupied most of our time. After knocking on several cruise line’s doors, and being stopped by security guards protecting the access to the human resources departments, we weren’t able to obtain the jobs expected. The only answer we got was: «The employment procedures are long; it could take months until you obtain an answer. »  That waiting time was too long for us. We came back to Canada to continue our job research. Presently, we are tree planters in British Columbia.
Femmes sur la plage de Miami Beach

Patrick avec l'équipe de Lonely Planet

Patrick participates at his favorite TV program
It’s at the reception of the hotel where we stayed for a while that Patrick was approached by a man.

-  We are presently filming a program which will be broadcasted on the Discovery channel. Would you like to be part of it?
Of what program is it?
- Pilot Guide, realized by the Lonely Planet team.

It’s a series of reports about different world destinations. Patrick never misses one of it. His role was quite simple: he had to surprise the presenter, a cute Singaporean woman, while taking her bath!

Excursion in the Everglades
Experiment Everglades’ diversity by canoe, kayak, bike or even walking. Go for an adventure of several days in the numerous land and water paths.
En canot dans le Parc national des Everglades
Two weeks in Vancouver
Ville de Vancouver de nuit
After five days of bussing from Miami, we reached Vancouver. The goal of our stay was to pursue our job search. We walked countless kilometres across that city. It has North America’s third biggest Chinatown, 40% of the population is of Asian origin, and more than 2 million live in this city and surroundings.
Caroline et Bolden Bolden, a man who ran away from Poland
We met this man at the hostel we stayed at during our visit in Vancouver. Beneath his harsh appearance, which impressed us at first sight, we discovered a friendly character. Bolden, a Polish man who left his country more than 15 years ago, came to British Columbia to settle down. In Poland, he couldn’t manage to feed his family appropriately and their future was uncertain.

Reflection on happiness
We’ve realized that the only way to seek happiness is to become responsible for each of our actions. We cannot control every event that comes up; however, we are certain that we have the ability to control our emotions. It takes a lot of courage to accept this responsibility.

You must not be afraid of fear itself. It’s both happiness’ first enemy and its ally to reach it. If you let yourself manipulate by it, you’ll never allow yourself durable happiness. Today, we are able to use it. We understand that fear is essential to happiness’ search. Happiness doesn’t come from self-esteem; doesn’t self-esteem come from surpassing ones’ own limits? And limits don’t exist without fear. Therefore, never be scared anymore of fear itself.

Lac Edith dans l'Ouest canadien
Les Rocheuses canadiennes The Canadian Rockies
Two months ago, we never thought we would end up in the Western Canada. Since we found a tree planting job in British Columbia, we’ll live in this magnificent landscape for a couple of months.
Excursion at Mount Seven
Located in the village of Golden, near Banff National Park, Patrick takes advantage of the mountain to keep in shape. 2000 meters high, Mount Seven is an excellent downhill path for mountain biking. The panorama at the summit gives a good glimpse of a little town of 4000 residents. We stayed 2 weeks at Caroline’s childhood friend until we started working.
Patrick au sommet du mont Seven à Golden en Colombie-Britannique
Empreinte de cougar Followed by a cougar
After a little rest at the peak of Mount Seven, Patrick takes the road back home. As soon as he started coming down, he saw cougar footprints traced in his own steps. So he came down the mountain signing loudly. This feline can weigh 100 kilogram’s and jump seven meters long; he attacks his prey unexpectedly by biting in the neck. We see this animal more frequently in the Rockies nowadays. They sometimes attack people, but generally they are quite timid and keep their distances.
An invitation to meditate
We rarely saw a landscape that beautiful; we were the only ones camping in Whiteswan’s Provincial Park. From the quay, we assisted at one of natures’ best sight: dozens of different bird species sang and danced trying to charm their partner. At night-time, it was the owl’s hoot we could hear echoing in the distance.
Caroline dans le Parc provincial de Whiteswan
Caroline dans la source thermale de Whiteswan A dip in hot springs
This little hot spring is located in Whiteswan’s Provincial Park. The water temperature is 44°C; it’s so hot that if it was in your own bath, you would probably run a bit of cold water to make it more comfortable. The smell of sulphur coming out of it makes you think of rotten eggs. Hot springs are heated by magma.

What a small world
As we were walking in the streets of Golden, we heard « Patrick Nadeau… what are you doing here? » It was Yann (on the left), an old friend who studied with Patrick in Quebec to become an adventure guide. We took a week together to discover the region and do some hiking. 4000 km from home, we can still find some friends...amazing!

Patrick et Yan
Forêt dévastée par la tordeuse d'épinette Thousands of kilometres of devastated forest
Perhaps you’ll never see them, but they are widespread. The pine beetle, 5 to 10 mm long, is a little flying insect who eats and lay its’ eggs using the bark of conifers and digging tunnels in it; and consequently killing trees. Only a wintry cold of – 35°C ca
n kill that insect. Therefore, with the global warming, the devastation will probably prevail.  

Traveling by bus
Buses are one of the means of transportation most used by travelers. Experiencing this transportation can also be very exhausting. Find out some tips that may save you from discomfort and worries.

Autobus Greyhound
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