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  Morocco, Africa’s Door
February 26, 2007 – Day 622

Gardian of Volubilis

The african continent
February 2007, after a two month rest in Quebec, we set foot on African soil… but it’s only two weeks later that our heart arrives with us. In Morocco, for the first 14 days, we do our old good tourists, visiting incontrovertible sites like the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, the ancient roman city in Volubilis near Meknes, and the famous tannery of Fes.


A destabilizing hospitality
It’s only in Midelt, a city of 40 000 people, that we seriously begin to travel. Traveling in the sense of human, self and others discovery, and of a culture so friendly that it would destabilize even the most altruist North American. We are welcomed like a brother and sister that have been absent for years. Our host, met in a coffee shop, and his mother make out of their home our own. We share meals with them, they initiate us to the hammam (public baths), and they integrate us to the community.

Hammid, Patrick, Caroline, Fatima and Hmad


Women Center

the joys of sharing
In Midelt, our new friends, Hammid and Ahmed, introduce us to numerous people responsible of diverse associations like the Women’s Centre of Education and Training, Morocco’s Association of Solidarity and Orientation, and the Youths’ House.

We spend an evening with these kids to show them the basics of photography, but most of all, we do it to have a good moment with them. For that, we are welcomed and thanked with French and Arab songs. The wellbeing feeling we have at that moment confirms our choice for the DignImage project, and most importantly, it confirms the choice of our lifestyle.

Our first steps with the DignImage project


Jaffar Circus

Atlas mountains
On sunny days, opposed to cloudy days where it snows on us, we enjoy daylong hikes in the forest and mountains around the village. We share our bread with stingy monkeys that surround us in the cedar forest of the Azrou region, and tea with the generous Berbers living in the Mid-Atlas mountains.  We let ourselves be guided in the narrow alleys of the Fes market, and we are seduced by the smiles of curious and lovable children.

Heading towards Sahara
Each day, we are invited to participate at new activities. It appears as if our new friends arranged for us to never leave this region so hospitable. But we must hit the road again. We are heading for the south-east part of the country, to the dunes around Merzouga. Next, we will go to the gorges of Dades, after to the inevitable Marrakech and then to the sunny beaches of Essaouira.

Midelt region

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