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We are impatiently waiting for this moment. On February 21st, we leave the jungle of Costa Rica to at last see our family and friends. Here’s how it goes. At the airport, we are greeted by our parents. They quickly find us, hug us and shed a couple of tears. What a delight to reunite after all we lived this year. We still have a lot to tell and we are impatient to meet the rest of the family and friends.

La famille de Patrick
Patrick’s family

To be honest, the reality of things was not quite what we expected it would be. We knew the accumulation of our experiences would have changed us, but the question is: at which intensity will we live this change? The only way of noticing it is by coming back to a well-known reality. We are often told that we live in a consumer society, but are we really conscious of it? It’s like suddenly having a very different mindset of what surrounds us. We literally rely on the purchasing of material goods to fulfill a need. We attach more importance to what we look like than to what we are. We adhere to ideas that are not necessarily ours just because it’s the message sent in our societies. By writing these words, we know we’re repeating what many people have already said, but we felt the need to express them again.
As incredible as it may seem, it wasn’t in Guatemala, sharing our everyday life with orphans, or living some time in Asia that we experienced our biggest culture shock. It’s back home that we truly live it. Yet, we know that everything is not false in our society; the real, the true and the beautiful still exists. We just need time to find a sense of balance in our way of looking at things. We know that nothing will ever be like before because we can’t deny our conscience. Be assured that once the adventure is over (we still have at least 2 years to go) we will find a way to build on our new perspective. Since our trip carries on, we will continue understanding and observing what surrounds us to set up the principles that guides our lives.
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