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Ancient Mayan civilisation
At the North of Guatemala is Tikal, one of the most beautiful archaeological Mayan sites. This ancient city, built at the VIII century, is known to be the biggest ceremonial metropolis of this civilisation. It is estimated that at a certain period, as many as 510 000 people lived there. 

Ancienne cité maya
Randonnée dans Tikal au Guatemala

The center of the city was of 16km, with more than four thousand monuments. A dense tropical forest separates the numerous spaced “plazas”. The highest pyramids are between forty and sixty meters high. Visiting the main buildings is a 10 km walk.

Right in the middle of the jungle are huge pyramids that were only discovered since 1848. It’s between 1956 and 1967 that the major part of the restoration was done.

The large place is the ceremonial center of the city, where are celebrated religious rituals, human sacrifices or Mayan kings’ penitence acts.

La grande place, Tikal au Guatemala
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