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This tannery in Morocco offers to curious ones and to locals a daily visual and olfactory show. The numerous basins, containing the preparation and pigmentation solutions for animal skin, make this place so colourful, but also very ill smelling at the same time. Because of the bad odour coming from the natural substances they use, like sulphuric acid (smells like rotten eggs), cow urine and pigeon droppings, visitors slide mint leaves under their nostrils.  

At the beginning of the day, artisans (only men), protect their skin by coating their arms and legs with oil. Each week has a different tanning color. On Fridays, the basins are emptied and are refilled using jugs. This traditional method goes back to the medieval period, as well as the non hygienic work conditions. Nonetheless, it’s part of Morocco’s pride towards its traditions.
Almost every dish in Morocco is a feast for taste buds. What makes the meal even more enjoyable is sharing it with the family members. Everyone eats in the same plate and pieces of bread serve as forks. The whole ends up with glasses of Moroccan whisky, which is in fact sweetened mint tea. Couscous and tagine are the typical meals. Tagine is a meat and vegetable stew, cooked slowly in a clay plate with a cone shaped cover. It is very important to avoid using the left hand when taking the food to your mouth. That hand is strictly used for personnel toilet.

The public bath experience remains a remarkable moment for a North American used to wash in the comfort and intimacy of private bathrooms. Moroccans go to the hammam once or twice a week to wash themselves and to receive massages. Most houses don’t have an easy access to hot water. This place is used by both genders. Men and Women share different opening hours. Everyone is naked, except for the intimate parts, and they share two water rooms heated at different temperatures. Most of the time is used for massages and intensive skin cleaning with a crepe glove (rough material). The experience is quite painful and since the cleaning is made mutually, it can be very embarrassing for who is not comfortable being touched by a person of the same sex.
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