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Whether it’s white, black, yellow or red, Man possesses different beliefs. These beliefs sometimes confuse communications between men and place them in conflicting situations. By interviews we had with these men, we will tell you about their stories.
Bath of colors in Morocco

The Tannery of Fes, Moroccan’s cuisine, along with public baths, are traditions that awake the travelers’ sense of discovery and carries him/her in the mediaeval period. 

Temple maya, Tikal
Ancient Mayan civilisation,Tikal, Guatemala

At the North of Guatemala is Tikal, one of the most beautiful archaeological Mayan sites. This ancient city, built at the VIII century, is known to be the biggest ceremonial metropolis of this civilisation.

Giant kite fair, Sumpango, Guatemala

Each year is celebrated, everywhere in Central America, the Toussaint. In Sumpango, Guatemala, this day is marked by the Feria de los barriletes gigantes (giant kite fair).

Cerfs-volants géants à Sumpango au Guatemala
Entrevue avec un MexicainDrapeau du Mexique
Interview with a Mexican

Nous avons été surpris des ressemblances entre nos deux cultures. Découvrez quelques facettes de la culture mexicaine!