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Nature morte, Everglades, Floride

Everglades National Park, this national park, located South of Florida, is the biggest subtropical reserve of the UnitedbStates. More than 300 bird species have been identified. Some endangered species, like the alligator, the cougar and the panther of Florida, live there. The parks’ altitude doesn’t go past 2m above the sea level. On this picture, a storm was preparing. Many campers had to quit their tents. Strong winds transformed their domicile in a pool.

In the United States, the American crocodile is a rare reptile that we only find in the South of the State of Florida. It nests on isolated and sandy beaches. Contrarily to the alligator, it prefers salted water. It’s possible to see this crocodile in the Everglades; we saw about thirty of them. Crocodile, Floride
Balbuzard pêcheur The osprey feeds itself exclusively of fish. Its strong talon allows it to catch fishes weighing as much as 2 kg, a heavier load than its own. It measures about 60 cm. To take this picture, we approached at 2 m of this raptor. Our presence didn’t seem to intimidate it.
We count more than 3000 species of snakes in the world. This is a small harmless one called “Cornsnake”.

For more information about the Park, visit www.nps.gov/ever


Corn snake