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Regularly receive messages from Caroline and Patrick.

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In this section, you’ll find answers to questions that have often been asked. If you have questions too, don’t hesitate to ask them by e-mailing us.

How much money does it take for realizing this project?
Before even leaving Québec, we will have invested nearly 4 000$ for expedition material like backpacks, clothing, a tent, etc. Our project also demands an investment of 3 500$ for electronic equipment: a digital camera and a laptop. Also add to that the cost for the vaccines, medicine and insurance in case of disease or accident. As a result, 8 000$ were sufficient for the preparations, and remember that this amount covers 2 people.

According to our past travelling experience, the money necessary for a year abroad is 12 000$ per person. This includes lodging, food, transportation and activities. Depending on the comfort wanted, ones’ habits and the itinerary, it may be necessary to budget more money, or in some cases, it could be less.

With how much money did you leave?
It’s only with 1 000$ each that we left the country.


What does your family and friends think of your project?
Well, let’s ask them!

Patrick and Caroline continue in the same line of wanting to discover more and more the people and the beauties of the world. Towards their project, we have mixed feelings of concern and enthusiasm. However, their passed realisations reassure us on their capacity of living the unknown. They are ready to surmount the daily obstacles to arrive and their ends and realize great challenges. The long planning, their search for financial partners, their respective education training, and experience contributes to the success of this beautiful and great project. We wish you to discover all the best in this journey. Patrick and Caroline have decided to make the world their home instead of making a home out of their world. Congratulations to both of you, we love you!

Patrick’s parents, Nelson and Yvette 

When Caroline and Patrick plan a trip, it’s always exciting! Their motivation is contagious. I’m delighted each time they build new partnerships. Their approach allows me to learn a multitude of things on various countries. Obviously, it’s sad to learn that your best friend is leaving for “the end of the world”, but at least we can easily keep in touch thanks to the Internet and the old good telephone! Travelling doesn’t really change them, but it makes them even more open minded, more attentive to what surrounds them. I’m happy to know they are flying away for realizing a new dream because I know they’ll always find happiness at the top of a mountain, on a deserted beach or even in a small village still unknown to tourists…

A friend, Edith


Since how long are you preparing this adventure?
This project around the world never left our minds since we came back from Australia and Asia in February 2001. On November 20th 2003, we made our decision. Therefore, it’s been more than a year that we’re putting our energies at it.