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www.lonelyplanet.com Lonely Planet produces excellent travel books about many countries. This website’s first goal is to offer tools to help in your preparations.
www.aroundtheworlds.com/ Around the Worlds is a travel magazine. It attempts to make you dream and travel through its publications over the last 8 years.
www.expedia.ca On this web site, get affordable price lists for your next plane tickets. We found the best prices on it. We experienced buying online; nothing is as simple and safe!
www.skype.com Increasingly present in Internet coffee shops around the world, the Skype communication program allows you to call a telephone from your computer.
www.nationalgeographic.com This English site is a must. Via the Web, National Geographic diffuses geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of our cultural, historic, and natural resources.
http://earth.google.com You wish to learn more about a specific place? The free Google Earth software combines satellite imaging and maps; putting the world’s geographic information at the tip of your fingers.
http://portal.unesco.org The UNESCO spreads its action in education, natural sciences, social and human studies, culture, communication, and media fields.
hospitalityclub.org Its purpose is getting people to meet each other: visitors, hosts, travellers and locals. Thousands of people help each other when travelling, for example, to sleep a night somewhere, or to be accompanied to visit a city. Free service.  
www.fundacionshalom.org Located in Guatemala, the Hogar de ninos Shalom foundation helps orphans, abandoned children from the streets, beaten, mistreated and poor youths.
http://proyecto-zamia.com Zamia is a sustainable development project in Costa Rica where we volunteered from December 2005 to March 2006.
www.greatfive.net GreatFive is an online travel magazine that publishes up to five travel journals or portfolios every three months.
www.acdi-cida.gc.ca International development, exterior help, international cooperation as much expressions with the same meaning: helping people helping themselves.