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Our planet hides a fascinating world where life takes a multitude of incredible shapes and colors. See in this section living species waiting to be discovered.

Costa rican jungle

The jungle of Costa Rica contains one of the biggest biodiversity of the world. Discover some specimens of the most interesting.

Grenouille dendrobate du Costa Rica
Tortue de mer, Mexique
Sea turtles, Mexico

In Mazunte we visited the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga. This center is dedicated to the study and protection of sea turtles. It’s in this center that biologists, oceanologists, and other specialists study the sea turtles’ behaviour. Learn about the reproduction of sea turtles.
Sea kayaking in Bowron Lake, British Columbia

Paddle after paddle, under a heating sun, our kayaks are splitting the water like blades. We are moving in turquoise blue and calm waters; getting the impression of disturbing nature with our swashing.

Kayak de mer,  Bowron Lake, Colombie-Britannique
Canot dans le Parc national des Everglades
Everglades national Park

This national park, located South of Florida, is the biggest subtropical reserve of the United-States.