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Contemplate the most beautiful pictures of our adventure.


  Safari in Benin - May 2007  
Click on the image to widen.
Pendjari Park

Looking for lions

African elephant, the biggest land mammal

Lonely elephant



Mother antelope
with its child

Horse antelope

Enormous reptile

Unctuous Kob

A vehicle, a cow, a donkey and 26 passengers

Typical West
African house

Water, rare source of life


Savanna’s colors

Egypt - May 2007

Gizeh pyramid,
2,5 million blocks

Lasers and lights
on the pyramids

Cairo, a 5000
years journey


On horseback,
Gizeh pyramids

Praying place,
Egyptian desert

Egyptian show, Cairo

Egyptian show, Cairo

Dromadary on the
bank of the Nil

Water and desert

Sailboat on the Nil

The Nil, world’s
longest river

Moment of wellbeing, Aswan

Christian Church, Aswan
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