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Patrick Nadeau et Caroline Hamel, Deux Québécois autour du monde

Patrick Nadeau
Caroline Hamel

Patrick Nadeau, 27 years old, and Caroline Hamel, 26 years old, both from Thetford Mines, aren’t at their first trip. In fact, before their departure, they traveled mainly around Europe, Australia, Malaysia and Thailand. This idea of discovering the world began in November 2003. Finally, it’s in March 2005 that the adventure begins.  

As a biology graduate from the University of Sherbrooke, Caroline did her internship for the Research Center at Laval University’s Hospital Center.

Patrick, for his part, formerly was the coordinator of the Québec Games 2003, and completed a contract as coordinator of marketing and communications for the Mineralogical and Mining Museum of Thetford Mines. He holds a college diploma in ecotourism and adventure from Mérici College.


Carte du Monde

For us, a trip around the world is a dream which should not remain in our heads, we must live it.