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To sleep in a tent in winter requires good equipment and some knowledge to ensure a pleasant trip instead of a nightmare caused by a sleepless night in the cold. Discover in this part how to keep yourself warm with a bottle of water and a pair of socks.

Bruleur multi fuel
Boil your water
In a casserole, with a camp fire or with a little stove, boil enough of water to fill your
bottle. There must not be any air the bottle, cause the air can cool the water more rapidly. Be sure that the bottle is well closed and that the water can’t come out.

Bouillotte avec un bas et une bouteille d'eau


Isolate your bottle
Without good isolation, your water bottle will cool down rapidly. Put on some dry socks before entering your sleeping bag. Cover your bottle with the socks worn during the day. You must think it is weird, but your socks will dry with the warmth of the bottle.

Place your hot-water bottles at good places

Between your thighs, at your feet and under your arms are the good places for your water bottle. The body distributes its heat in priority to the vital organs. Place the hot-water bottles close to the thoracic cage. When this part is hot, your feet will stay hot. Fill in the empty spaces of your sleeping bag with the rest of your clothes because these spaces are harder to keep warm.
Une boisson chaude pour la nuit

A hot beverage for the night
If the cold wakes you up in the middle of the night, it means you are in lack of energy. Transform your water in hot chocolate or add some jell-o powder and drink. The sugar added in the beverage will you supply energy to warm up.

A good sleeping bag and a good mattresses will play a primordial role to protect yourself from the cold weather.

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