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Mexican center for the protection of turtles
In Mazunte we visited the Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga. This center is dedicated to the study and protection of sea turtles. It’s in this center that biologists, oceanologists, and other specialists study the sea turtles’ behaviour. Learn about the reproduction of sea turtles.
Centre mexicain de la protection de la tortue, Mazunte
Oeufs de tortue

It’s a ritual older than the History of man on the planet. Thousands of female sea turtles arduously crawl from the sea to the beach to bury their eggs. Sometimes, they even travel thousands of kilometres to reach the nesting spot. In a synchronized way, hundreds and thousands of turtles get in a relatively reduced place. The females
arrive at the end of the evening and by night. They dig a hole in the sand where they lay down their eggs. After that, they meticulously cover them up before going in the sea. The process is about an hour long.


Reproduction strategy
Nesting on the beach is a reproduction strategy. It implies both advantages and inconveniences. One of the advantages is the incapacity for predators of eating every egg of every nest in each nesting spot. This guarantees a certain percentage of safe eggs. On the other hand, one of the most important disadvantages is the vulnerability of all the eggs to natural disasters like hurricanes and heave.

The nesting process also endangers the mothers. Indeed, since they have little skills on the ground, they expose themselves to human predators who like turtle flesh; this is the case of the green turtle. Coastal urbanization also represents a danger. Indeed, turtles are being disoriented by city lights instead of following the moonlight to guide them in returning to the sea. Also, turtle eggs are a meal well appreciated by humans. Furthermore, newly born turtles are also exposed to many predators, like seabirds for example, while they return to the sea.


Tortue de mer, MexiqueTortue de mer, Mexique

Determining the gender
Surprisingly, it’s the nests’ temperature that will determine the turtles sex. So when the temperature is 25°C, the babies will be males. When it’s higher than 25°C, it will be females.