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Often, the bag is too heavy, filled with useless and inadequate equipment. The traveller quickly loses his/her smile when tired of carrying all that weight on his/her shoulders. Therefore, here are some suggestions of useful objects with which we travel.

lecteur, mp3, Iriver

MP3 player
More compact and energy efficient than a CD player, MP3 players also offer the advantage of not having to carry around your whole CD collection. Consider buying one equipped with FM radio and an audio recording function. The radio can keep you informed on the latest news as well as on the weather forecast. The possibility of recording audio can make great souvenirs to add on to your slideshow once you get home. You can also record new songs on the radio if you get bored of your own playlist. Aim for at least 512 megabytes.


Little microphone
Very practical in Internet cafés, a little microphone lets you communicate with friends and relatives via a software such as Msn Messenger or Skype. Many coffee shops possess some, but they are rarely in good condition or in sufficient quantity. For increased privacy, plug in your earphones used with your music player.

bouchon, oreilles

Earplugs and blindfolds 
They are useful in the bus, the train, the plane… during long trips. Earplugs and blindfolds disconnect you enough from surrounding noise and light to let you get a good night’s sleep. However, be careful not to miss your destination! They’re also handy to fall asleep in a youth hostel where some travellers may want to party harder than you.


In case of theft or misplaced luggage by transportation companies, prevent losing your photo souvenirs by burning a copy on a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM. Mail this CD or DVD home. Keep with you a copy of this disc on a re-recordable CD or DVD (CD-RW or DVD-RW). If the first copy does not reach its destination, you will still have a backup copy on you. Once it has been confirmed that your photos are home, use the re-recordable copy for your next backup of your digital pictures.  

disque, cd, dvd
corde, cordelette, lacet

10 m of rope
Use it as a clothesline, to replace a broken lace on your walking boots, to build yourself a shelter, etc. These few meters of rope can be convenient in many everyday situations. Make sure the diameter of this all-purpose rope does not exceed your shoes’ eyelets. You will find some in outdoor equipment stores.


Net-styled bag
Once the dishes done, hang them up to dry using your net-styled bag. The circulating air will have your dishes dry in no time. Also, store the little things that always end up here and there, or at the bottom of your back-pack and have you turning it inside-out to get what you were looking for. Its see-through design also allows you to quickly locate its content.

sac, filet, bagage

Ziploc bag
Use it to conserve your food, to put your soap in it or to keep your matches and camera away from humidity. Protect important documents such as your passport, your health record booklet and a map. Place little bottles containing liquids like laundry soap or sunscreen lotion. In case of a leak, the bag will keep everything from spreading around. Bring different sizes.

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