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Spanish courses
One of the most pleasant part of our trip is to meet people of the country and speak with them. For the 5 months we have left in Central America, we wanted to be able to communicate with the people. So we are taking private spanish courses for 3 weeks. We are progressing rapidly and we are encouraged.

Antigua is renowned for the number of language schools. There are about fifty institutions. The prices, the teaching quality and the rate of satisfaction varies from one school to another. The tourist office of the Institute guatémaltèque of tourism (INGUAT) can help you find a convenient school for you. It is possible to pay 21$ CAD for a course lasting 1 to 4 hours. Your school can also organize some activities and offer you some volunteer opportunities.  

Vivre avec une famille à Antigua au Guatemala

Living in a welcoming family
The best way to learn a new language is by total immersion. For a bit less than 10 $ CAD, the language school offer to their students the possibility to live within a local family. This option is less expensive than staying at a hotel and eating at restaurants. You will have the great advantage to learn the culture and to foster friendships. Some schools take commissions on the amount you pay to live in a family. Demand that the family receive the whole amount you paid.

Our recommendationsProfesseur et son étudiant dans un cours d'espagnol à Antigua au Guatemala
Four hours of courses per day are enough. Take some
time to study and to assimilate the information. Also take some time for activities and your daily routine. What makes a good school is the reputation of the teachers. Don’t hesitate to ask for another teacher if you think he can help you better. Talk with the other students of the school before you register, it’ll give you a good idea of what the school offers. Some institutions require for the registration but they are unjustified.
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