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When you travel, it is crucial to keep a good budget. Your experience overseas depends on your capacities of managing a budget and respecting your finances. You will find in the following lines some advice on how to make a budget and some tricks if your budget is limited. calculatrice pour établir son budget de voyage

Establish your budget
To establish your budget you can :
1. First of all trace the ideal journey you would like to have and calculate the necessary budget
2. Stick to the budget you can afford yourself and then trace your journey.

Method 1 : The ideal journey
First of all ask yourself these questions and write down your answers : which destination interests me the most? What will be the duration of the trip? What kind of activities will I do (underwater diving, hiking, visiting museums, language courses, humanitarian work, etc.)?

Search in travel guides, such as Lonely Planet, and on Internet for places that correspond to you needs. On a map, trace the places you would like to visit and trace the itinerary. Evaluate the time and costs necessary for the realization of your circuit. Then, calculate the costs of housing, transportation between the destinations, meals and activities (see the budget grid).

Add the costs of the plane ticket and the essential documents such as visa and passport. Establish a detailed list of the equipments you will need. Mark the material you already have and write the approximate cost of the material you will need.

Now is your turn to find the money necessary to accomplish the journey of your dreams. If you need to, eliminate destinations or activities if the cost is too high. Be careful to not make your future destination annoying by eliminating too many activities. Know that the most ambitious projects are usually those who give us the most motivation.

Method 2 : A trip you can afford
Maybe you already know your budget, the time you have and an idea of where you would like to go. Then subtract your expenses prior to your departure (see the budget grid) from your actual budget and divide the rest by the number of days you will be gone.

Check in the travel guides the costs of housing, transportation, meals and activities to evaluate if your budget is reasonable or not. Keep a 10% margin in case something happens.

Did you here about the Big Mac index? Know that the price of a Big Mac is one of the most reliable clue to know the cost of living in many countries of the world. Visit  http://www.economist.com/markets/Bigmac/Index.cfm.

Be disciplined
Be careful, because when you’re traveling there are many occasions to spend your fortune and many offers are tempting. Know how to control yourself or else you will have spent all your money and will find yourself in a precarious situation.

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