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They say that all roads lead to Rome, but you must know with what kind of transportation you will use those roads. The bus is one of the most used transportation means by travelers since it is cheap enough and it offers beautiful landscape. This means of transportation can also be exhausting. Discover some useful advice to avoid being uncomfortable.

Note these elements. These objects will ensure you some comfort along your journey. Do not forget to bring them inside the bus with you because once in the luggage container you won’t have much access.

Bring along with you :
Voyager en autobus
Cushion (to sleep)
Water bottle

A map (to know your route and to learn your geography)
Discman, headphones and additional batteries
Book (if you’re ok to read when traveling)
Travel diary and pen (to write during the waiting moments)
Medication against nausea and headache
Day pouch (to put everything inside)
Pants and long sleeves (in case the air conditioner is to cold)

For long drives:
Tooth brush and toothpaste
An extra pair of socks (the odor of your feet can become embarrassing)

Make sure that :
- Identify your luggage with your name, address and telephone number.

-Register your luggage at your transportation company’s desk. Clearly place the destination tag on your luggage. Keep the coupon given by the agent because the number identifying it corresponds to the number of your luggage. This coupon is essential to claim your luggage.

- When you change buses, make sure the employee transfers your luggage in the right bus. Ask him (or demand) to see your luggage in the proper bus or make the change yourself.

- Choose the departure hour in consequence of the desired arrival hour. To arrive at a new destination in the middle of the night is not recommended. If it is your only solution, then reserve your housing before. Some hosts even pick you up at the terminus for free.

- If the bus you want to take is full, than ask for a ticket for the next bus. This will allow you to have priority to take the next bus without waiting in line.

Prepare to:
Discomfort, buses at full capacity, long waiting hours and rigid bus drivers.

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